The reason why it is so difficult for existing firms to capitalize on disruptive innovations is that their processes and their business model that make them good at the existing business actually make them bad at competing for the disruption - Clayton Christensen, Disruptive Innovation Expert.

Many governments across the world offer startup grants. The United States, UK, Australia, India, Chile, China and Singapore are some of the leading governments in the world offering grants to early stage businesses.

Its important to understand what the term “grant” means. Usually it comes in three forms:

  • Cash which may dilute or not dilute equity (both kinds)
  • In-kind grants which may be in the form of reimbursement or free use of equipment/facilities
  • Loans with various types of terms

At Varidus, we are focused on improving the economy of Singapore where we are based and will be initially offering our grants consulting services around Singapore Government Grants.

In Singapore, most grants require a 30% local ownership. What we mean by local ownership is a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident who owns at least 30% of the Singapore company equity or a local Singaporean entity that owns at least 30%.

We can help you identify the best possible grants strategy and its best to start early, especially if you are thinking of launching a new business. Even if you dont meet the criteria, we can help you figure out how to meet the criteria in a legally compliant manner through our partners.

Our value proposition is to help your business in the following ways:

  • Knowledge: High level overview of Singapore Government Grants
  • Incorporation: Incorporation considerations for Singapore
  • Structuring or Restructuring: Shareholding considerations for Singapore Grants

Why wait? Book a consulting call with us and help us scale your startup through Government Grants.

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